Comparing Cow milk to plant based milk-like beverages, ugly cow A2 milk, does low-fat milk cause weight gain, cheese whiz, and our annual PP Oscars wrap-up.

Rob and Matt explore all things milk and answer your burning milk based questions.  Should the word milk even be used for a plant based beverages?  Just how nutritious are these soy, almond, coconut and cashew plant based milk substitutes?  What IS cheese whiz and how does one properly order a cheese steak in Philadelphia? Is the A2 milk from down under, produced by ugly cows, better than our A1 milk in the United States? Lastly, is low-fat milk less healthy and does it cause weight gain?

Matt’s homemade nasal saline, Rob’s fun with piercings and tattoos, and twe give our unsolicited take on the the year in movies and The Oscars.  PP 005 Milk Movies SHOWNOTESPP 005 Milk Movies SHOWNOTES