The Group A Strep deep dive with extreme Rob/Matt tangents.  Jersey Syphilis, pus forming berry ice cream, GAS -don’t blame the dog, JHensen & AMozart, S.Furst RIP, The Big Hero Six Fist Bump, NO bedroom smart phones, CULTURE before treatment!, Fusibacterium Necrophorum, Scarlet Fever, Thomas Sydenham, Don Quixote, Andy Warhol/Jamie Wyeth and the Portrait of Helen Taussig, the Velveteen Rabbit, plus strawberry and blueberry tongues.

Coming up next: Strep II –  PANDAS, PFAPA,  the carrier state, toxic shock, peritonsillar abscesses, rapid strep tests, sheep agar and antibiotics for strep! THEN The Season 1 wrap-up episode.

Bibliography PP 013-014 STREP